The Norwgian Rally Championship - presented by Nordur and VG+

June, 2019

Objective: Deliver personal videos to each participant in the race

Preparation time: 1 day

The demand for personal race videos is high in rally for several reasons. For the participants it is not only entertaining to see yourself and competitors nail a turn, but it is also necessary to use for evaluation and sponsor generation.



Delivery speed

Videos are news. News don’t last forever, which is why we are focusing on delivering a service which can bring edited videos fastest possible.

Capture multiple locations

Our system will analyze videos from any location. It can be ground camera or drone camera. There can be single or multiple cars in one video. All videos will be analyzed, cut and sorted.


By provideing data from the race and desired graphics each rider can get custom data on their videos. The graphics can be delivered as .png or .mov. The data can be delivered as an API or a spreadsheet.

In this case we received a spreadsheet which contained information with the participants name, license plate number and starting number.

Export and delivery methods

The delivery method for the videos can be shaped according to need. We can deliver an exported folder with each file named after the number on the car or the name of the racer. The videos can also be delivered through a search engine which can be placed on a website of your choice and hosted by us. Lastly we can add a payment terminal which enables you to directly monetize on the content.

In this scenario, the files were exported in a folder in order for VG to easily upload to their own hosting server.