Geofence, Urban kayaking and skull fracture

November, 2018

Objective: Trigger camera based on a phones location

Preparation time: 1 day

We had recently spoken to a potential sports arena where it was an obvious need of triggering cameras based on the phones location.

After exploring potential solutions we decided to test the system on the river outside of our office. It took about two weeks for the water levels to reach the proper level for the river to be suitable for kayaking.

The day finally arrived and we were ready to run the final tests before go-time.


JTC: The Joy Tech Camera Management Software

JTC is one of our core software solutions. It connects through cameras over ethernet. The software is used to connect cameras, sensors and the cloud together.

Third party location services

After thorough research we found a service provider for location-based services which seemed to suit our needs. Their demo app was used in this project.


TCP was used to send information from the Location service to JTC in order to trigger the camera and deliver user-id.

JTP: The Joy Tech Production Software

JTP is the main core of our services. With a wide range of solutions for video editing automation it is the tool that enables us to produce 1000 videos per 24 hours. For this scenario it was used in a basic way by adding intro, music and digital paning.

Above: Furqan is testing the setup of the location trigger. In order to get proper GPS readings we had to work outside.

Below: Preparations for something which would become much more dramatic than expected.



As can be seen in the video, the triggering of cameras was a success and the video was delivered to my phone within minutes.

Too early celebration?

Unfortunately, I was not able to celebrate for long. The moment I exit the image shown in the video, I am tossed around by the river. End result: Concussion and minor skull fracture. All in all a succesfull and exciting test, but we will avoid running more tests on the river for a while.