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Easily shareable videos creates higher social reach.

Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

According to our studies photos and videos from events is more desired than medals and t-shirts.

Engage participants to sign up for next years race.


Get instant feedback through video

Index all videos based the parameters which are important to you

Share instantly with coaches, parents and friends all over the world
Add-on: Live streaming from competitions

We work with many skilled service providers who can assist with Live Streaming solutions.

Add-on: Connect videos to analytics

How can you maximise a sponsorship or maximise the turnaround of this years participants to next years event. We can assist both advisory and solutions.

Case Studies

OBOS Heier på deg [OBOS is rooting for you]

Sponsorship, Cross country ski race, Holmenkollmarsjen 2019, OBOS

OBOS sponsors several events with the aim of supporting and boosting activities around the city. At Holmenkollmarsjen they ran their campaign “OBOS is cheering for you”. This campaign consists of supporters along the trail, cheering for the racers. They wanted to ensure that the racers received a great memory from their experience and at the same time aid the organizer with increased marketing. We were involved to produce and deliver a personal, entertaining and engaging video from each participant. According to studies after the race, 97% of the participants were aware that OBOS was a sponsor at the event.

3 500 videos produced • Numerous shares on Facebook and Instagram

The five steps to shape the system at your arena

In order to create seamless experiences for the users and operators of an attraction our system is built up as a simple puzzle.

1. Select cameras

We use some of the highest quality camera systems in the market in order to ensure operational stability for years. Your arena may need cameras with very wide lens, vibrational stabilization, heavy zoom or simple a heater in order to defog or deice in complicated weather. We will find the optimal cameras for you.

2. Select identification

The video clips must be connected to one or more persons. Depending on your arena we can use:

  • Wristbands with chips or qr that can be used to actively trigger the cameras.
  • Wristbands or stickers which can be detected from a long distance.
  • A location-based app for free-flowing arenas. As shown in the video.

3. Installation

We take care of the installation.

4. Business model

There are many ways a video system can be used to increase customer satisfaction, average revenue per customer or annual number of customers. 

Unaffected by the choice of model we can handle payment, customer service and continuous improvement.

You can keep focusing on delivering great experiences.

Our Video Capture and Analysis Process

All our clients deliver great experiences. Our goal is to capture the essence of each persons experience and tell the story in a personal, entertaining and engaging way.

Strategy & Roadmap.

Together with our customers we define the optimal way to utilize our service in order to increase customer satisfaction, revenue per customer and amount of customers per year.

Visual & UX Design

We tailor the digital and physical experience for your brand and your users.


Our services are developed to suit the a wide range of needs. If you are in need of additional solutions our skilled team of product and software developers will help you.

Launch & Monitor

Our systems are under continuous development. We are constantly looking for relevant changes in digital or social trends.

Produced videos in 2018


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