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In only 4-6 weeks from now, you can offer personal, engaging and entertaining videos, delivered straight to your customers phones.

Our videos are not only a fun memory  for your customers and a source of revenue for you, but designed to be highly shareable in social media.

Essentially, a lot of costumers will be paying you for promoting your park and your Skycoaster.

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The JoyTech Skycoaster Video System is completely
automated and delivers a personal video straight
to the customers email within minutes.


Designed with both the customer and operator in mind.

We have listened to our customers and designed our system so that no extra staffing is required. Further we use the best cloud based technology from Microsoft and state of the art hardware to maximise system performance, durability and reliability. By using QR-codes we eliminate the need for data collection, and provide the  customers with both a tangible item and a seamless experience.

Also, there are no moving parts, so there is very little maintenance.

The four steps to delivering great videos from your attraction. Automatically.

> Increased customer satisfaction, average revenue per customer and annual number of customers

1. Get in touch

Give us a little information about your SkyCoaster and we´ll get right back to you with a system recommendation and an all inclusive quote.

2. Select the best solution for your attraction


We will provide you with a few alternatives for set up and pricing models so that you can select the best for you.

3. Installation

We will arrive a few weeks after we have found the best solution for you. Installation will take about one week, and the best part is that you don´t even have to close down your Skycoaster while we´re there.

4. Start selling (or giving out) videos to your customers

We won´t leave until everything is up and running, and you can start selling or giving away videos. Selling videos will present a substantial extra revenue, the free advertising effect from “everyone” sharing their video in social media is a bonus. You can get a sponsor to advertise in your videos.


Personal, engaging and
entertaining videos.

Automated recording, editing
and distribution

Delivered to your phone


Easily shared within minutes
after the experience

Upsale generates increased
revenue for attraction

Enhanced customer
experience and satisfaction

Significantly boosts word
of mouth marketing effect

High ROI provides attractive
investment opportunity

Seamless operations

Customized set up for each<br /> attraction

All Skycoaster are similar, but their environments are not. We take it all into consideration in order to deliver the optimal solution for your attraction.

Stand alone system designed for<br /> maximum operational stability

Our system is installed independently of your it-infrastructure. Even if your internet goes down the system will work. The customers will just get their videos a bit later than expected.

Cloud based proprietary<br /> software.

Our software is built in the cloud for high operational stability and a great user experience.

Non disruptive to normal ride<br /> operating procedure

The only difference to the process is handing out a Trigger card to each customer. The QR-code on the Trigger card enables the customer to download their video, they just have to put in in their pocket to trigger the system. The rest will go by itself.

No additional staffing.

Automated and digital.

Installation will not interrupt standard operations.

The non-intrusive installation will not require any downtime during installation. Installation can be performed at any time of the year and will take about 5-7 days depending on your attraction.

High stability and low maintenance

By using state of the art hardware and cloud services, we ensure high operational stability and low maintenance.